What's your story?

Storytelling mastery 

You get my undivided attention and full focus to help you drill down to the core of your story. From there we create a structure that helps to turn your story into a product - pitch, presentation or book. I support you all the way from idea to completed product. 

Your story is ready but you are not. Let's work together to organize your thinking, priorities and focus. I provide a space in which you can reflect out loud, receive constructive feedback on your ideas and connect the dots. From there you communicate in clear words and images who you are and what you have to offer and how your work creates value across different cultures and sectors

Coaching You to story success

Join a storytelling workshops at the ImpactHubs in Berlin, Zurich and Geneva. Get together with a group of likeminded people and craft and share your story. You walk away with a framework that you can use again and again to make your story stick. 



You are a startup founder and have a pitching opportunity coming up. You need support with your presentation. We create a pitching breakthrough for you in three one on one sessions. 

  • Get specific, on your message
  • Tell your story, in clear and concise words
  • Practise, until your pitch is perfect and feels like a glove