Your dream is ready but you are not...

... even in my coaching I will sneak in those stories... 

telling your future

I don't have a crystal ball, but your imagination can move mountains! 

Let's work together to organize your thinking, priorities and focus. I provide a space in which you can reflect out loud, receive constructive feedback and connect the dots. From there you communicate clearly what you want, what you can offer and take action until your goals are realized. I support you to consistently demonstrate how your work creates value and to put all your actions into your bigger picture. 

My coaching is based on storytelling techniques  and allows you to create narratives for future change. 

writing your story





The saddest story in the world is the story that never got written.

You want to write stories but you don't know how and where to start. I support you in creating a structure for the story you want to write and from there it is fun and failing forward.

Writing thrives on collaboration. I serve as a sounding board, a source of feedback, I provide writing tips and if you want me to, I can be your project manager. And of course, if you wish, I am happy to lend you an editing hand.  

nail your usp

Telling the story of what you do - or what you need to do to safe the planet.

You are a startup founder and have a pitching opportunity coming up. You need support with nailing your USP and your presentation. We create a pitching breakthrough for you in three one-on-one sessions. 

  • Get specific, on your message
  • Tell your story, in clear and concise words
  • Practise, until your pitch is perfect and feels like a glove