Storytelling as a coaching tool

Your story is ready but you are not. Let's work together to organize your thinking, priorities and focus. I provide a space in which you can reflect out loud, receive constructive feedback on your ideas and connect the dots. From there you communicate in clear words and images who you are and what you have to offer and how your work creates value across different cultures and sectors. 

Coaching You to story success

3 one-on-one sessions to break through your major resistances to focus and move forward on reaching your goals. 

Breakthrough Coaching

Sparring Partner

We team up twice a month, set goals and create a plan. I help you stay on track and deliver.  

  • Tell your story, in clear and concise words
  • Practise, until your pitch is perfect and feels like a glove

We team up three times a month and create speed and velocity towards your major goals


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