What's your story?


I support entrepreneurs in the field of innovation, arts and education to put their thoughts into words and express what they contribute to society through stories.  The stories my clients tell enable them to gain visibility, engage others to participate and contribute in ways that lead their communities to thrive.

Sonja and Daniel really brought a structure to storytelling that makes it attainable for anyone to be a storyteller!
— Rachel Hutchinson, Head of Global Portfolio and Community Management at Hilti


GloBal Narratives for Change

Storytelling has been used for thousands of years to explain how the world works and to invent the future we want to live in. In visioning processes stories can serve as a space for thought experiments and create room for solutions that might not exist within the constraints of the reality we currently live in.  From there, storytelling serves as a bridge and guardrail, especially while the gap between vision and reality is quite large and requires enormous endurance and a high degree of participation from everyone involved who is realising the vision.


Enabling you to share your stories


Stories don't exist in isolation and sharing is a central part in shaping great narratives. I design workshops for teams, groups and organizations that support them with a solid framework for storytelling and help them understand the potential of storytelling in an organisational context.

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Writing doesn't have to be a daunting task. We create a structure that organizes your thoughts and gets your words flowing. I support you from initial brainstorming  to completing your written products. I also write for you if writing isn't up your alley.

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You know what you want and you are looking for a sparring partner who helps you write the story of your future? I support you to move forward with clarity and speed and help you stay on track no matter how many obstacles you have to navigate. 

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